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Nissan heads to the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon with a slew of vehicles, among them is the Caravan Mountain Base Concept that brings a hiking base camp setup based on the Caravan, otherwise known as the NV350 Urvan.

The Caravan Mountain Base Concept brings a mountain cabin style to the light commercial vehicle base, adding conveniences such as a roof-mounted main solar panel with additional solar panels on the sides of the vehicle, the latter replacing the window glass that is standard on the NV350 Urvan.

The exterior is treated to a black crackle finish for toughness against the elements, says Nissan, and this is joined by a wood-grain wrap on its sides to offer a mountain-lodge look. Rolling stock is a set of chunky off-road terrain tyres on what appear to be multi-piece wheels, topped off by an LED light bar for utility in the dark.

Interior fit-out of the Mountain Base Concept (left), and the Myroom Concept (right)

Interior fittings in the Caravan Mountain Base Concept include a slim work top and bench, a metal-look mesh on the front interior wall for storage of equipment, which is also seen here located under the wood trim panels. A comapct cubby for small items is located under the bench near the tailgate, while digital fireplace and warm white lighting complete the ambience.

Also shown for for the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon is the Caravan Myroom Concept, which offers a lighter ambience with its brighter interior trim compared to that of the Mountain Base Concept. Here, the Myroom Concept offers a couch at the front of the interior, while the sides feature bookshelves and cupboards for stowage. A stowable bed also features in the Myroom Concept, oriented longitudinally in the interior.

When seating is maximised as standard factory offering, the NV350 Urvan facelift that was launched in Malaysia in 2018 seats 14 persons in total, packing a YD25DDTi 2.5 litre turbodiesel paired to a five-speed manual transmission.

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