Ikea's New Sound-Absorbing Curtains Block Out Light and Noise

2021-12-22 06:40:41 By : Mr. XJ Fiber

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They're not exactly noise-canceling curtains, but they are verified to soak up sound.

The most exciting thing to buy at Ikea right now? Believe it or not, it just might be a set of curtains. But that's because these new draps do more than block out light — they also absorb sound.

According to the brand, Ikea's new Gunnlaug sound-absorbing curtains are designed to "reduce echo and reverberation in medium and high frequency waves." So while these curtains aren't exactly noise-canceling, they can help you block out noises like the "clattering of dishes or clangor of cutlery," as the product description proclaims.

These aren't some B.S. claims either. All curtains absorb sound to some degree, but the Gunnlaug takes things a step further. Ikea had the curtains evaluated by the International Organization for Standardization, which verified the curtains using the ISO 354 method. Compared to materials of the same weight and quality, Ikea's Gunnlaug curtains will reportedly be 50 to 100 percent better at absorbing sound.

To "enhance the sound environment," Ikea says that using the curtains in conjunction with a rug and upholstery will help provide a more quiet living space. Just don't expect to live in complete silence, especially if you live in a noisy city (or have super-noisy neighbors).

Best of all, the Gunnlaug curtains don't look half bad either. They're made of chenille yarn and feature a unique weave that also aids in sound absorption. The only downside is that the curtains only come in two colors: white and gray.

The Guunlaug curtains are available now at Ikea locations across the country and online, retailing for $50 for two panels.